Chocolate Parfait with Sour Cherry Sauce



nce you taste this combination of silky, airy chocolate parfait and sweet and sour cherries, you will perfectly understand why parfait means “perfect” when translated from French.

Who doesn’t like chocolate? As a matter of fact, I have met few individuals that claimed they didn’t like chocolate, but I have to be honest – I don’t buy that! Do you know anyone who hates chocolate? If you ask me, chocolate equals happiness!

Now – what goes well with chocolate? In this recipe – sour cherries. I already used them in cream cheese and sour cherry strudel, and they work well, no doubt about it, however, when you combine them with chocolate – bingo! If you want some extra kick, sour cherries literally shine with a splash of kirsch or maraschino. Cheers! Also, you will need something crispy to give some texture to your dessert. Delicate tuile will be great – tasty and decorative. Finally, decorate your parfait with some crème Chantilly and some berries on the top, and I will be thrilled to stop by for a bite or two!

Chocolate parfait and sour cherry sauce chef Tereza Alabanda Pastry Maestra

Chocolate Parfait with Sour Cherry Sauce Recipe

by:Tereza Alabanda,The Pastry Maestra


Prep. time : 20 minutes

Cook time : 20 minutes

Ready in 40 minutes plus cooling

Level : Advanced

Sour Cherry Sauce:

  • Sour cherries 200g (7oz)
  • Sugar 75g (2.6oz)
  • Corn starch 10g (1Tbsp)

Chocolate Parfait:

  • Egg yolks 85g (3oz)
  • Sugar 85g (3oz)
  • Chocolate 60% 130g (4.6oz)
  • Whipping cream 200g (7oz)

Tuile Cookies:

  • All purpose flour 50g (1.8oz)
  • Powdered sugar 50g (1.8oz)
  • Egg whites 50g (1.8oz)
  • Butter 50g (1.8oz)


  1. To make sour cherry sauce you need to put pitted sour cherries and sugar into a saucepan, and turn the heat on. Dilute corn starch in a tablespoon of water. When sour cherries start to boil, add the diluted starch and cook for about one minute while stirring constantly. Leave the sauce to cool down and divide it into glasses.
  2. For chocolate parfait you need to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or you can use a microwave oven. Whisk cream to soft peaks and put it in the fridge until needed. Make pâte à bombe out of egg yolks and sugar. In order to do that, whisk the egg yolks in a stand mixer, and cook sugar with some water until the syrup reaches 118°C (245°F). Pour the boiling syrup into the yolks and continue whisking until the mixture cools down.
  3. Fold one half of whipped cream into the chocolate. Add whole pâte à bombe mixture, and finish with the rest of the whipped cream.
  4. Pour the parfait into the glasses on top of the sour cherry sauce. Put everything in the fridge.
  5. For tuiles mix melted butter, egg whites, sifted powdered sugar and flour until you get a uniform mixture. Spread one teaspoon of the mixture onto a baking paper very thinly and bake it for 5-7 minutes at 180°C (350°F). While tuiles are hot you can shape them into form of a cigarette.
  6. Whip the cream with some powdered sugar and decorate your fancy glasses using piping bag fitted with star tip. Top the cream with berries and crispy tuile cookie.

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