Almond Cream – Crème d’Amande or Frangipane?


his simple, yet phenomenal invention can often be found in many French pastries. Almonds are not just tasty, but also full of nutrients – they are rich in protein, vitamin E and minerals, such as magnesium and iron. So, with almond cream you get a sweet pleasure, and the healthy one, too! If you have never tasted creme d’amande before, you have a lot to catch up!

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Buttercream Foursome


ey! You! Yes, You, snap out of it! This is not about Marlon Brando and “The Last Tango in Paris” (although butter is the hero again), this post is about another kind of naughty pleasure and a sweet one indeed!

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How to Make Crème Pâtissière like a Pastry Chef


sssst! Don’t tell anyone, but when I was a little girl, there was no greater pleasure for me then licking the beaters of a hand mixer just after Mom finished making cream slices! Mmm, cream slices… In Croatia, cream slice or cremeschnitten (in German), is, without a doubt, the most popular pastry! A block of tasty, yellow vanilla cream, sandwiched between two thin sheets of baked puff pastry is a sight that no kid can resist!

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How to Make Curd


hen I think of lemon curd, I always picture the famous and fancy English 5-o’clock-tea ritual. I see a vintage castle by the river and a glorious garden with neatly trimmed grass and breathtaking rose bushes. In the middle there is an elegant table covered with colorful tablecloth. And on that table – a feast!

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How to Make Crème Anglaise


s John Donne once said – “No man is an island”. One of my favorite quotes, and although sometimes I wish I could become an island, just for a few minutes… the truth is – in most cases I would rather eat one! But not any island, just the floating island – dessert made of vanilla flavored crème anglaise and a blob of meringue floating on top of it, of course!

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How to Become a Ganache Expert


mmm, ganache! Wonderful, luxurious, creamy, silky, pure chocolate pleasure! And what a wide variety of treats you can do with ganache! Rich truffles, chocolate ganache cake, chocolate ganache tart, sauce for your ice cream or dip for your cookies… And the best of all – it is really simple to make it; only two ingredients, and you just have to follow some rules.

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