How to Make Tempered Chocolate Decorations


ecorations made of chocolate are the most beautiful and sophisticated display of pastry chef’s skills when done properly, but they are also fun to make! That’s what I like the most about being a pastry chef – you get to play with chocolate all day long and on top of that – you get paid! It’s a sweet life!

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How to Pipe with Melted Chocolate


ne thing that always takes my breath away is a display of those perfect French-style decorated entremets [ɑ̃tʁəmɛ] (for modern pastry chefs, an entremet is a multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts)! That glossy glaze and delicate chocolate piping on the top, ah, be still my heart!

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Caramel’s Secrets Revealed


s it is often the case in the history of sweetness, the origin and/or the inventor of some delicacy that is widely popular today is – unknown. Same goes for caramel.

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