Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies



ace sandwich cookies are a sensational combination of extra crispy delight and super creamy and silky chocolate ganache, yummy! Now, who can resist that? I know I can’t!

Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies, Pastry Maestra

What are Lace Cookies?

Today I’m making simple chocolate lace sandwich cookies. Now, what are lace cookies in the first place – you ask? Lace cookies, also known as tuile cookies, or Florentines, are very thin, delicate and crispy cookies that resemble lace. If you want to learn more, I have a whole post about tuile cookies, but for now, let me just say that these cookies, apart from few basic ingredients, always contain larger quantity of sugar than most cookie recipes! Because of that additional sugar, they are exceptionally crispy! Now, as you can imagine, because of that crispness, lace cookies are often combined with creamy desserts like panna cotta, ice cream, or parfait! That way, we can create a sweet treat that melts and crunches in your mouth at the same time. Yummy!

Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies, Pastry Maestra

How to Make Lace Cookies?

Unlike the dough for most cookies, the batter for lace cookies is somewhat liquid, so make sure that you spread it very thinly onto a parchment paper! Then, bake for a couple of minutes, and once they become golden around the edges, they are done!

Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies, Pastry Maestra

Interesting thing is – while lace cookies are still hot, you can bend and shape them as you like, and when they cool down, they will hold their shape and become crispy. Voila – extra crispy delight is done!

Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies, Pastry Maestra

How to Make Lace Sandwich Cookies

To make lace sandwich cookies, I need my cookies to be flat, so I won’t shape them this time. That way once my cookies cools down, I will be able to fill and sandwich them.
Now, today I’m making two kinds of lace cookies – the almond and orange ones, and – with additional chocolate! There can never be too much chocolate, right? I’m glad that we agree on that, because I will fill my lace cookies with amazing silky chocolate ganache! A pure chocolate bonanza! Yumm!

Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies, Pastry Maestra

How to Make Silky Chocolate Ganache?

Now, why is my silky ganache so special? Well, ganache I’m making today is a bit different than regular ganache. Today, I’m gonna make lighter ganache, with 2:1 cream to chocolate ratio, and to stabilize it, I will add one gelatin leaf. The result will be a delicious, creamy, silky chocolate ganache, only a bit lighter that “normal” ganache! You just have to try and tell me how you like it! OK, let’s make some simple chocolate lace sandwich cookies!

Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies, Pastry Maestra

Simple Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies Recipe

by:Tereza Alabanda,The Pastry Maestra


Prep. time : 10 minutes

Cook time : 10 minutes

Ready in 20 minutes plus cooling

Level : Basic

Lace Cookies – Basic Mixture:

  • Powdered Sugar 120g (4.2oz)
  • Ground almonds 60g (2.1oz)
  • Butter, melted 60g (2.1oz)
  • Orange juice 60g (2.1oz)
  • Orange zest 2g (1Tsp)

Golden Lace Cookies:

  • Basic lace cookie mixture 150g (5.3oz)
  • All purpose flour 25g (0.9oz)

Chocolate Lace Cookies:

  • Basic lace cookie mixture 150g (5.3oz)
  • All purpose flour 15g (1/2oz)
  • Cocoa powder 5g (1Tsp)

Silky Dark Chocolate Ganache:

  • Cream 35% 250g (8.8oz)
  • Glucose syrup 20g (0.7oz)
  • Gelatin 2g (1 gelatin sheet)
  • Dark Chocolate (60% cocoa solids) 125g (4.4oz)


  1. To make basic mixture for lace cookies, put sifted powdered sugar into a bowl, add ground almonds and mix with a whisk. Then, add melted butter, orange juice and orange zest, and mix with a whisk until well combined. Divide the basic mixture into two bowls, 150g (5.3oz) each.
  2. To make golden lace cookies add flour into the first bowl and mix to combine.
  3. To make chocolate lace cookies add flour and cocoa powder into the second bowl, and stir well to combine.
  4. Put 1 teaspoon of golden lace batter onto a paper lined baking tray, and then carefully spread it into a form of a circle. Repeat the procedure until you fill the tray. Make sure that you leave about 2.5cm (1″) space between the cookies, as they will spread during baking. Bake your cookies at 180°C (350°F) for about 7-8 minutes, until golden around the edges.
  5. When cookies are done, place a round cutter 7.5cm (3″) in diameter onto a cookie, and trim the edges with a small knife. Repeat this until you trim all the cookies. It is important that you do this immediately, while the cookies are still hot, because once they cool down, they will become very crispy and fragile.
  6. When all the cookies are trimmed, flip them over and brush their bottom with egg wash. You have to do that because lace cookies are highly absorbent – meaning – they easily soak moisture from ganache. When that happens, they will lose their crispness. The egg wash will act like varnish, and seal their surface, so they will stay crispy longer. Then, put them back in the oven for another 2 minutes, and leave them to cool down completely.
  7. Repeat the whole procedure with your chocolate lace cookie batter.
  8. To make dark chocolate silky ganache soak gelatin in cold water. As soon as the gelatin softens, take it out and squeeze to get rid of the excess water. Put cream into a measuring cup, add glucose syrup, and heat up this mixture in the microwave. Then, add soaked gelatin and stir until it melts. Melt dark chocolate in the microwave on low heat, and gradually add hot cream to the chocolate stirring well after each addition. Transfer the mixture into a measuring cup, and blend it with immersion blender until smooth. Then, cover it with cling film, and put in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.
  9. Put silky ganache into a piping bag fitted with star tip, and pipe a ring along the edge of one cookie. Pipe a blob in the middle, and then sandwich it with another cookie. Repeat the procedure until you fill all the cookies.
  10. There, your simple chocolate lace sandwich cookies are done, and I suggest you serve them with beautiful, juicy fresh strawberries! Enjoy!

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